DateTalks and Details
02 Jun 2021
Introduction to Deep Learning
By Dr. King Tin Lam (Department of Computer Science and Engineering)

17 May 2021

A Bird’s Eye View of Electronic Engineering
By Prof. KP Pun (Department of Electronic Engineering)
07 May
Everything You wanted to Know about AI but were Afraid to Ask
By Prof. Wing Lau (Department of Information Engineering) 

21 Apr 2021

Systems Engineering in Healthcare Operations Management
By Prof. Daniel Long (Department of System Engineering & Engineering Management)
08  Apr 2021
Robots: Automating the Future with Advanced Mechanical Systems
By Prof. Darwin Lau (Department of Mechnical Engineering)

24 Mar 2021

A Bird’s Eye View of Biomedical Engineering
By Prof. Aaron Ho (Department of Biomedical Engineering)

03 Jun 2020

Operations Research – STEM for Optimal Decision Making
運籌帷幄 – 如何尋求最優決策
By Prof. Daniel Long (Department of System Engineering & Engineering Management)
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27 May 2020

Robotics and Mechatronics in Real World Applications
機械人與機械 - 現實世界應用
By Prof. Darwin Lau (Department of Mechnical Engineering)

20 May 2020

Threats - Why Information Security Matters
無形的威脅 - 為何關注資訊安全
By Prof. Chau Sze Yiu  (Department of Information Engineering) 

13 May 2020

Growth  - The Mircale of Circuits
指數式增長 - 芯片的奇蹟
By Prof. Pun Kong Pan (Department of Electronic Engineering) 

04 May 2020

Introduction to Quantum Computing
By Prof. Wong Man Hon (Department of Computer Science)

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29 Apr 2020

By Prof. Jonathan Choi (Department of Biomedical Engineering) 

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