Advisory Board

Advisory Board of the Faculty of Engineering

The Advisory Board of the Faculty of Engineering was established in April, 1996 to provide advice and guidance to the Faculty of Engineering on academic and professional development of the Faculty. The composition and terms of reference for the Advisory Board are as follows:


Dr. LEUNG Siu Hong, Raymond 梁少康 博士
Chairman of FiMax Technology Limited
Chairman & CEO of Altai Technologies Limited


Mr. CHEUNG Chee Wah 張志華 先生
President & CEO
Compass Technology Company Limited

Dr. Derek T. CHEUNG 張大凱 博士
Consultant & Author

Dr. HON Hsiao-wuen 洪小文 博士
Corporate Vice President
Microsoft Asia-Pacific R&D Group
Microsoft Research Asia

Mr. Patrick W.M. HUEN 褟永明 先生
Vice Chairman
Board of Trustees and Chairman
Board of Directors
Dr. Stanley Ho Medical Development Foundation

Prof. Ir. Daniel LAI 賴錫璋 先生
Professor of Practice (Computing)
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Dr. Alan LAM Hiu Fung 林曉鋒 博士
Sengital Limited

Mr. David T.Y. MONG 蒙德揚 先生
Vice Chairman
Shun Hing Electronic Holdings Limited

Professor Andrew Y.C. NEE 倪亦靖 教授
Department of Mechanical Engineering
National University of Singapore

Dr. TONG Fuk Kay Franklin 湯復基 博士
Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology
Research Institute Company Limited

Professor Martin D.F. WONG 黃定發 教授
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Professor Philip H.S. WONG 黃漢森 教授
Department of Electrical Engineering
Stanford University

Professor YUEN Ming Fai, Matthew 袁銘輝 教授
Professor Emeritus
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Ex Officio Members

Professor WONG Ching Ping 汪正平 教授
Dean of Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, CUHK

Professor HENG Pheng Ann 王平安 教授
Department Chairman
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, CUHK

Professor MENG Qing Hu, Max 孟慶虎 教授
Department Chairman
Department of Electronic Engineering, CUHK

Professor TANG Xiaoou, Sean  湯曉鷗 教授
Department Chairman
Department of Information Engineering, CUHK

Professor HUANG Jie 黃捷 教授
Department Chairman
Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, CUHK

Professor MENG Mei Ling, Helen 蒙美玲 教授
Department Chairman
Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, CUHK


Mrs. LAW Chu Sau Lan, Doris 羅朱秀蘭 女士
Faculty Secretary
Faculty of Engineering, CUHK

Terms of Reference of the Advisory Board
(1) to review the academic plans of the Faculty;
(2) to review its research directions and accomplishments;
(3) to help foster cooperation with industry and government; and
(4) to receive an annual report from the Dean.