Research Grants

RGC Theme-based Research Scheme - Third Round, 2013

The objective of the Theme-based Research Scheme (TRS) is to focus academic research efforts of the institutions on themes of strategic importance to the long-term development of Hong Kong. One of the funded projects is led by the Engineering Faculty Members:
Smart Solar Energy Harvesting, Storage, and Utilization
(TRS, HK$ 60.33M) Participating Institutions: CUHK, HKUST, POLYU

Prof. Wong Ching-ping, Dean of Engineering, and his team members study the new technology in energy harvesting, storage and utilization in this project. To sustainably utilize solar energy, intelligent power distribution grids need to be locally developed for solar energy generation, storage, and utilization at affordable cost and with enhanced security of supply through flexible transition between grid interconnected and islanded operating modes. All of these issues are in line with the strategic objectives on sustainable development outlined by the Hong Kong Government in 2005.

They will develop high-performance vacuum deposited thin-film photovoltaics (PV) devices and modules which will make low-cost, high-throughput, and large-area PV production possible. They will explore new materials and processing approaches for high energy-density batteries and supercapacitors, so as to realize a hybrid storage system. They will also formulate strategies to integrate, manage, and control various subsystems to enhance the efficiency and security in energy utilization.

RGC General Research Fund Received by Engineering Faculty Members in 2017-18
Principal InvestigatorProject TitleAmount (HK$)
Prof. BAKSHI MayankConfusability, Covertness, and Collusion: Information Theoretic Deniability against Coercing Eavesdroppers634,560
Prof. BIAN LimingCyclic Loading-resistant and Cytocompatible Hydrogels Containing Energy Dissipative Host-guest Crosslinking for Biomedical Engineering Applications582,000
Prof. BLU Thierry Albert Jean-LouisImage Restoration from Binary Data Acquisition495,846
Prof. BOGDANOV AndrejRandom Local Functions and Pseudorandom Functions600,000
Prof. CHEN Lian KuanSpectrally-efficient Multiple Access for Multi-user Visible Light Communications583,333
Prof. CHEN Shih-ChiUltrafast Laser Scanning and Beam Shaping for Two-photon Microscopy based on Binary Holography582,000
Prof. CHENG HongA Natural Language Based Interactive System to Query Knowledge Graphs700,000
Prof. CHOW Sze Ming, ShermanSublinear Multi-writer Searchable Encryption --- Bridging Symmetric-key to Public-key Paradigm700,000
Prof. DU RuxuA New Method for Incremental Sheet Metal Forming Based on Minimum Energy Principle and Model-less Control452,666
Prof. FU Chi Wing, PhilipComputing Reconfigurable and Transformable Assembly Structure: Fabrication, Reusability, and Extensibility500,000
Prof. FU Wai Chee, AdaComputing Approximate Simrank Values on a Dynamic Graph333,333
Prof. GAO XuefengOptimal Market Making for Large-tick Liquid Stocks in a Limit Order Market, with and without Latency443,950
Prof. HE XuedongStochastic Control without Dynamic Programming: Markovian Controls and Time Inconsistency582,000
Prof. HO Ho Pui, AaronHybrid Long-range Nano-optical Tweezers based on Plasmonic Localisation and Photon-free Trapping with Microscale Electric Thermal Heaters495,846
Prof. HO Yi Ping, MeganDevelopment of an All-in-one Microfluidics Platform for Cultivation and Characterization of Multicellular Tumor Spheroids582,000
Prof. HUANG JieA Framework for Distributed Control of Discrete-time Multi-agent Systems875,000
Prof. LEE Pak Ching, PatrickRobust Sketch-based Network Measurement at Scale700,000
Prof. LEUNG Ka Nang, AlexDual-Inductor Multiple-Output Buck-Boost DC-DC Converters with Enhanced Attenuation of Self- and Cross-regulations600,000
Prof. LI DuanExactness Conditions of SDP Relaxations for Generalized Extended Trust Region Subproblems443,950
Prof. LI HongshengJoint Multi-object Detection and Tracking in Videos with Deep Neural Networks600,000
Prof. LI LingfeiContinuous Time Markov Chain Approximation for Option Pricing in Financial Engineering375,060
Prof. LIAO Wei HsinDesign and Modeling of Impact-Excited Bistable Energy Harvesters582,000
Prof. LIEW Soung ChangWireless Rate-Diverse Broadcast with Side Information: From Theory to Practical Implementations600,000
Prof. LO Chi Lik, EricMulti-column-at-a-time Main-memory Column-stores: Algorithms, Systems, and Implementation700,000
Prof. LOY Chen Change, CavanSynthesizing Fashion by Semantically-Constrained and Competing Deep Adversarial Networks500,000
Prof. LU Yi-ChunModel System Investigations of Solid-State Lithium-Oxygen Cathode-Electrolyte Interfaces: Reaction Kinetics, Electrode Reactivity and Degradation Mechanism522,898
Prof. LUI Chi Shing, JohnDistributed Caching Systems for Information Centric Networks: Analysis, Design and Realization700,000
Prof. LYU Rung Tsong, MichaelAn End-to-End Framework to Detect Performance and Reliability Issues of Mobile-Cloud Computing500,000
Prof. MA ShiqianStochastic Quasi-Newton Methods for Nonconvex Optimization Problems472,351
Prof. MA Wing Kin, KenSimplex-Structured Matrix Factorization using Stochastic Maximum-Likelihood and with Applications in Signal Processing and Machine Learning600,000
Prof. MACPHERSON EmmaNovel TIR device for fast in vivo THz imaging600,000
Prof. MENG Mei Ling, HelenResearch and Development in Disordered Speech Restoration Technology using a Deep Learning based Voice Conversion Approach875,000
Prof. MENG Qing Hu, MaxCompensation Strategy and Associated Technologies for Surgical Tracking System in Robot Assisted Surgery875,000
Prof. NAVARRO ALARCON DavidFourier-Based Shape Control of Soft Objects with Multiple Active Manipulation Points and Online Model Estimation582,000
Prof. REN WeiMid-infrared Fiber-based Photoacoustic and Photothermal Trace Gas Sensors443,950
Prof. SHU Ching-Tat, ChesterWidely Spaced Optical Frequency Combs: Generation, Characterization, and Applications600,000
Prof. SHUM Wing Ki, KennethFast Decoding of Storage Codes600,000
Prof. SO Man Cho, AnthonyPinning Down the Lojasiewicz Exponent: Towards Understanding the Convergence Behavior of First-Order Methods for Structured Non-Convex Optimization Problems582,000
Prof. SUN XiankaiExperimental Investigation of Nanoscale PT-symmetric Acoustics with Cavity Optomechanical Systems600,000
Prof. TONG Kai Yu, RaymondUsing Neuroimage and Computational Modeling to Customize High-definition Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Protocols for Facilitating Hand Function Recovery after Stroke600,000
Prof. TSANG Hon KiUltra-high Q Silicon Micro-resonators for Integrated Quantum Photonics875,000
Prof. VONTOBEL PascalAnalysis of Low-Density Parity-Check Codes via Double Covers and Beyond600,000
Prof. WANG XiaogangVisual Representation Learning and Concept Modeling through Intelligent Question Answering700,000
Prof. WONG Ching PingMaterial and Interface Engineering for High-Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells with Long-Term Stability600,000
Prof. WONG Tien TsinColorblind-Sharable Video Synthesis with Temporal Coherence, Color Preservation, Color Distinguishability, and Binocular Fusibility   700,000
Prof. WONG Wing ShingNetworked Control over Open Communication Networks413,204
Prof. WU Ke LiSelf-curing Decoupling Technique for Collocated Antennas with Reactive Loads583,333
Prof. WU QiStudies on Margin Procyclicality - the Impact of Volatility Persistence and Nonlinear Payoffs582,000
Prof. YIP Yuk Lap, KevinLarge-scale Inference of DNA Contact Maps for Studying Genome Structures and their Functional Significance600,000
Prof. YOUNG Fung YuHybrid Lithography Aware Placement with Multi-row Height Cells700,000
Prof. YU BeiA Unified Framework for Layout Optimization and Printability Estimation725,500
Prof. YUAN HaidongAdaptive Feedback Hamiltonian Estimation582,000
Prof. ZHANG Yingjun, AngelaOn Scalable Radio Resource Virtualization in Cloud Radio Access Networks495,846
Innovation and Technology Fund Received by Engineering Faculty Members in 2016
Principal InvestigatorProject Title Amount (HK$)
Prof. CHEN Shih-ChiDevelopment of a High-speed Stealth Laser Dicing System based on Multi-depth Bessel Beams4,460,900
Prof. CHEN YongshengDevelopment a Durable SCR Catalytic Converter for Advanced Diesel Engines1,341,146
Prof. HENG Pheng AnnResearch and Development of US-MRI Fusion Based Targeted Prostate Biopsy Systems: Planning, Training and Intelligent Intraoperative Guidance1,476,788
Prof. HENG Pheng AnnDeepPathology: A Software Toolkit for Automatic Histology Images Analysis via Deep Learning1,399,412
Prof. JAGGI SidharthA Sparse Recovery Approach for High-Throughput Energy-Efficient Wireless Networks-Phase -II1,575,700
Prof. JIA Jiaya, LeoLarge Scale Semantic Image Segmentation and Classification Platform1,785,800
Prof. LEE Pak Ching, PatrickA Tunable Fault-tolerant Distributed Stream Processing System for Online Analytics1,299,500
Prof. LIU YunhuiAn Autonomous Tractor for Indoor Transportation Tasks7,951,376
Prof. LIEW Soung ChangIoT/Smart City: Communications Networks and Data Analytics for Intelligent Transportation Systems2,068,399
Prof. LU Yi-ChunIntegrated Thermal Energy Harvesting and Storage for Autonomous Wireless Sensor Network-Phase 26,873,637
Prof. MACPHERSON EmmaNovel Total Internal Reflection THz Devices for High Speed Imaging1,399,550
Prof. TONG Kai Yu, RaymondInteractive Exoskeleton Robot for Walking1,491,320
Prof. WANG XiaogangSafe Physical Sensory Systems for Human-Robot Collaborative Tasks2,124,000
Prof. WONG Kam FaiResearch and Development of INCOMIRS (Integrated Community-based Microblog Recommendation System)2,737,000
Prof. WONG Tien TsinAn Efficient Mapping Platform for 360-degree Videos979,616
Prof. XU QiangInteractive Learning Support System for Hong Kong Sign Language1,376,715
General Support Programme  
Prof. WONG Kam FaiInnovation and Technology Student Club 2016527,850
Prof. WONG Kam FaiFusion between Chinese Cultural Arts and Robotics (Phase 3)2,307,130