Research Grants

RGC Theme-based Research Scheme - Third Round, 2013

The objective of the Theme-based Research Scheme (TRS) is to focus academic research efforts of the institutions on themes of strategic importance to the long-term development of Hong Kong. One of the funded projects is led by the Engineering Faculty Members:
Smart Solar Energy Harvesting, Storage, and Utilization
(TRS, HK$ 60.33M) Participating Institutions: CUHK, HKUST, POLYU

Prof. Wong Ching-ping, Dean of Engineering, and his team members study the new technology in energy harvesting, storage and utilization in this project. To sustainably utilize solar energy, intelligent power distribution grids need to be locally developed for solar energy generation, storage, and utilization at affordable cost and with enhanced security of supply through flexible transition between grid interconnected and islanded operating modes. All of these issues are in line with the strategic objectives on sustainable development outlined by the Hong Kong Government in 2005.

They will develop high-performance vacuum deposited thin-film photovoltaics (PV) devices and modules which will make low-cost, high-throughput, and large-area PV production possible. They will explore new materials and processing approaches for high energy-density batteries and supercapacitors, so as to realize a hybrid storage system. They will also formulate strategies to integrate, manage, and control various subsystems to enhance the efficiency and security in energy utilization.

RGC General Research Fund received by Engineering Faculty members in 2016-17
Principal InvestigatorProject TitleAmount (HK$)
Prof. BIAN LimingBio-inspired fast-gelation bioadhesive hydrogels for biomedical engineering applications482,605
Prof. BOGDANOV AndrejHardness versus randomness for noisy linear equations450,432
Prof. CHAN Siu OnOptimization: Connections, Complexity, and Applications537,260
Prof. CHEN Lian KuanHigh-speed Mobile Visible Light Communications and Networking for Eco-friendly Underwater and Intelligent Transportation Applications321,737
Prof. CHEN NanSimulation from Characteristic Functions744,177
Prof. CHENG Chun HungEffective Control Strategies against Healthcare Associated Infections via Optimization Approaches482,605
Prof. CHENG JamesBuilding an Efficient System for Large-Scale Graph Analytics675,647
Prof. CHOI Chung Hang JonathanA novel polydopamine@poly(adenylic acid) nanoparticle for crossing the blood-brain barrier and selectively targeting neurons in vivo359,406
Prof. FU Chi WingComputational Interlocking Assembly: Optimizing Stability and Steadiness for Fabrication482,605
Prof. GUO PingElectrically Enhanced Stamping Process for Ultrafast Generation of Micro-Structured Surfaces810,588
Prof. HE XuedongStock Trading with Realization Utility675,647
Prof. HENG Pheng AnnEnriching Multitouch-based Medical Data Visualization on Tablet by Joint Interaction with Smart Watches and Depth Sensing675,647
Prof. HUANG JianweiCollaborative Economics of Wireless Networks675,647
Prof. HUANG JieThe Certainty Equivalence Principle and the Cooperative Control of Networked Systems with its Applications844,559
Prof. JAGGI SidharthCommunication in the Presence of Adversaries: Between Shannon and Hamming488,501
Prof. LAU Tat Ming DarwinOperational space motion control of musculoskeletal human-like robots807,960
Prof. LEE Pak Ching PatrickRegenerating Codes for Hierarchical Fault Tolerance in Data Centers: Theory and Practice675,647
Prof. LEE TanUnsupervised speech modelling for low-resource languages675,647
Prof. LI DuanTowards More Effective Convex Reformulation and Relaxation of Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Programming   675,647
Prof. LI HongshengModeling crowd scene dynamics with deep neural networks482,605
Prof. LI LingfeiResearch topics for some jump processes in financial engineering675,647
Prof. LIAO Wei Hsin3D Printing with Shape Memory Materials for Self-Folding/Unfolding Adaptive Structures482,605
Prof. LIN DahuaTowards a Scalable Framework for Web-scale Semantic Tagging of Images482,605
Prof. LO Chi Lik EricLayout-aware query processing in main-memory analytic databases675,647
Prof. LOK Tat MingNetwork Coded Interference Alignment482,605
Prof. LOY Chen Change CavanJoint Attribute Recognition and Image Hallucination by Deep Global-Local Convolutional Network675,204
Prof. LU LuWireless Jumbo Message675,647
Prof. LUI Chi Shing JohnA Data Analytics Engine For Network Sciences: Algorithms, Systems and Implementation482,605
Prof. LYU Rung Tsong MichaelLog Monitoring and Analysis for Data-Driven Reliability Engineering450,432
Prof. MENG Mei Ling HelenResearch and Development of a Tensor-based Framework for Knowledge Representation in Natural Language Processing675,647
Prof. NAIR Chandra M.Beyond Han-Kobayashi achievable region for interference channels675,647
Prof. PUN Kong PangResearch on power-efficient analog-to-digital converters675,647
Prof. REN WeiPyrolysis Study of Long-chain Methyl Esters in an Aerosol Shock Tube Using Laser Absorption Diagnostics675,647
Prof. SHU Ching Tat ChesterDistortion-Compensated Optical Phase Conjugators for Multi-Wavelength Communication Systems450,432
Prof. TANG XiaoouUnsupervised Deep Convolutional Network Learning of Discriminative Representation675,204
Prof. TSANG Hon Ki16-QAM Integrated Franz-Keldysh Electro-absorption Modulators for optical interconnects482,605
Prof. WANG XiaogangDeep Learning Appearance and Dynamic Feature Representations for General Video Analysis675,647
Prof. WONG Ching PingTowards Uniform High-Aspect-Ratio Metal-assisted Chemical Etching of Silicon in Nanoscale482,605
Prof. WONG Kam FaiMicroblog Summarization Using Discourse450,432
Prof. WONG Tien TsinFast Partial-Shape Matching for Region Correspondence Estimation in Hand-drawn Animation Stereoscopization482,605
Prof. WU QiAsymptotic Analysis of Portfolio Tail Risk and the Diversification Effect under Multivariate Elliptical Distributions for Static Portfolios482,605
Prof. XU DongyanSelf-assembled Metal Phthalocyanines (MPc) Nanoribbons as Promising Organic Thermoelectric Materials675,647
Prof. XU JianbinInvestigation of Advanced Hybrid Optoelectronic Devices Based on Organometal Perovskite and Two-Dimensional Materials482,605
Prof. YIP Yuk Lap KevinReconstruction of enhancer-target networks and simultaneous modeling of the quantitative effects of multiple targeting enhancers on gene expression across hundreds of human cell and tissue types685,930
Prof. YU Xu JeffreyExploring Hidden Structures over Large Graphs450,432
Prof. ZHANG KehuanStudy and Development of Key Technologies for Secure Configuration and Authentication in IoT Systems675,647
Prof. ZHANG LiDevelopment of In Vivo Trackable Biohybrid Medical Microrobots via Natural Fluorescence and Quantum Dots Endocytosis482,605
Prof. ZHANG ShengyuStudies on quantum and classical complexity measures by Fourier analysis665,995
Prof. ZHAO NiCharge modulation spectroscopy of solid-liquid and solid-cell interfaces in organic bioelectronic devices675,647
Innovation and Technology Fund received by Engineering Faculty members in 2015
Principal InvestigatorProject Title Amount (HK$)
Prof. CHEN Shih ChiPrecision 3-D Resolved Parallel Laser Machining and Metal Additive Manufacturing3,600,000
Prof. CHENG Chun HungVideo Analytics for Resource Management5,706,999
Prof. GUO Ping3D-Freeform Micro-Sculpturing Using Non-Resonant Elliptical Vibration Texturing1,347,800
Prof. LAU Wing CheongAdaptive Model-based Security Testing for Single-Sign-On Services in Mobile Applications1,381,989
Prof. LUI Chi Shing JohnA Cloud-based Security and Malware Detection System for TV-boxes1,390,350
Prof. LIU YunhuiA Robotic Assistant for Manipulating Uterus in Hysterectomy2,249,860
Prof. LIU YunhuiA New Robot Assisting Nasal Surgical Procedures with Natural Interface and Its Clinical Trials5,398,100
Prof. MENG Qing-Hu, MaxA Novel Affordable and High-peformance Serial-parallel Manipulator for Robot-assisted Orthopaedic Surgery1,310,751
Prof. REN WeiDevelopment of Ultra-Sensitive, Wide-Dynamic-Range and Portable Gas Sensing System for Air Pollution Monitoring1,328,000
Prof. TONG Kai-yuInteractive Cycling System Using Electromyography (EMG)-driven Neuromuscular Electrical Simulation (NMES) for Rehabilitation1,398,400
Prof. WONG Tien TsinDichoptic Visual Enhancement for Virtual Reality Applications1,399,906
Prof. WANG XiaogangDeep Learning-based Face Recognition on Cloud Computing Platform5,645,722
Prof. WU Ke-liAn Integrated Senor Module and Ubiquitous Wireless Network for Smart Drainage System8,401,900
Prof. WU Ke-liAn Ultra Wide Band Phased Array Technology for Indoor Locationing of a Complex Environment1,389,315
Prof. ZHANG LiMagDisk: A PnP Electromagnetic System for Three-Dimensional Robotic Micromanipulation1,399,977
Prof. ZHAO NiWearable Sensor Network for Precision and Continuous Blood Pressure Measurement2,697,900