Frequently Asked Questions




1.      What programmes are offered by the Faculty of Engineering?

         The Faculty of Engineering currently offers 11 undergraduate programmes, they are:

- B.Sc in Computer Science

- B.Sc in Mathematics and Information Engineering

- B.Eng in Artificial Intelligence: Systems and Technolgies

- B.Eng in Biomedical Engineering

- B.Eng in Computer Engineering

- B.Eng in Electronic Engineering

- B.Eng in Energy and Environmental Engineering

- B.Eng in Financial Technology

- B.Eng in Information Engineering

- B.Eng in Mechancial and Automation Engineering

- B.Eng in Systems Engineering and Engineering Management



2.      What programmes are offered under broad-based admission?
Under the broad-based admission line, the Faculty admits applicants for its six undergraduate programmes, i.e. Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Engineering, Mathematics and Information Engineering, Mechanical and Automation Engineering, and Systems Engineering and Engineering Management.
Artificial Intelligence: Systems and Technologies, Biomedical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Energy and Environmental Engineering, and Financial Technology adopt programme-based admission.


3.      When can I choose my major if I am admitted to the Broad-based Engineering programme?

Students will be allocated to a specific major programme among the six programmes of the Faculty after completion of the foundation year. For detailed major allocation process, please refer to


4.      Will there be any quota limit in the programmes offered under broad-based admission?

The number of students admitted to individual programmes will be made highly flexible, such that the vast majority of the students could be assigned to their most preferred programmes. Nevertheless, the maximum capacity of any of the programmes would not be unlimited since we have to ensure the availability of sufficient resources and facilities for quality teaching and learning.


5.      Is there any double-degree option offered?

The Faculty of Engineering, in collaboration with the Faculty of Business Administration, is offering double degree options in Engineering and Business Administration. Students admitted to the 4-year curriculum can graduate with two bachelor degrees in 5 years. More information can be found at


6.      How many students will be admitted into the Broad-based Engineering programme?

The admission quota is around 300. The number includes JUPAS and non-JUPAS (local) students.



1.      What are the entrance requirements of the Broad-based Engineering programme, and weighting of each HKDSE subject?

The details can be viewed at 


2.      Will there be penalty for combined HKDSE results of more than one year?

In 2021 entry, the University is going to consider the best subject results of candidates taken in their most recent three attempts of HKDSE examinations. No penalty will be given.


3.      Will you give any bonus points to the additional electives?

Admission scores are calculated based on Best 5 HKDSE subject results. Bonus points will be awared to the 6th and 7th subjects, if any.



1.      What are the Language Requirements for non-JUPAS admission?

The University requires non-JUPAS applicants to achieve a specified level of language competence. For details, please refer to the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.


2.      What is “Advanced Standing”?

A non-JUPAS or international applicant may apply for “Admission with Advanced Standing” if he/she meets specific requirements on relevant qualifications (including GCE-AL, IB, Cambridge Pre-U, HKALE, Associate Degree/Higher Diploma). For students admitted with Advanced Standing, the minimum number of units for graduation may be reduced by up to 24 (normative period of study may be shortened by up to one year). Applicants will be required to indicate in the application form whether they would like to be considered for "Admission with Advanced Standing".




1.      Is there any admission scholarship offered by the Faculty of Engineering?

The Faculty of Engineering offers admission scholarship for both JUPAS and non-JUPAS newly admitted students. Requirements can be found at


2.      If I meet the requirements, do I need to apply for the scholarship?

Students who meet the requirements will be nominated for the scholarship and do not need to apply.