Undergraduate Programmes


Major Allocation (for students admitted in 2020-21 only)

Eligible students will be allocated to a specific major programme among the six programmes under broad-based engineering programme of the Faculty after completion of the foundation year. Major allocation is an annual exercise, which is conducted soon after the conclusion of Second Term every year. The detailed process is set out below:


Eligibility for Major Allocation
(a) Students should have officially registered for courses listed under the Faculty Package at the time of major allocation*. For academic year 2020-21, the courses are ENGG1110, ENGG1120 and ENGG1130; and
(b) Students who are being put on academic probation in Second Term due to their academic performance in First Term should have the academic probation be successfully lifted by the end of Second Term.

* Exceptions are: 

(i) Students who are granted course exemption of the course(s) under the Faculty Package, and/or
(ii) Students who failed MATH1510 and are prescribed to retake MATH1510 before they are allowed to register ENGG1130.


Ineligibility for Major Allocation
(a) Ineligible student will not be assigned with any engineering major. The programme of study for such student shall remain as “BERGN”, i.e. broad-based engineering although s/he may be allowed to escalate to Year 2 or etc. in CUSIS.
(b) Students shall take or retake the current courses listed under the Faculty Package (as announced by the Facutly in case of curricular changes) as soon as the courses are being offered, and/or have the extended probation lifted in order to be eligible for major allocation soon after the conclusion of Second Term in the following academic year.
(c) The Year-2 or above BERGN students are under management of the Faculty Office of the Faculty of Engineering until they are assigned with an engineering major. Their Level-1 academic adviser shall remain unchanged until a new academic adviser is being assigned by their major department. The Year-2 or above BERGN students are allowed to register for engineering course(s) as well as any other course(s) subject to the University prevailing policies and approval of the course offering departments/units.


Major Allocation Procedures

Step 1: Declaration of Preferences
Eligible students are required to prioritize the six undergraduate programmes according to their preferences. This is done via an online system. After the release of academic results of the Second Term, eligible students will be allowed to re-prioritize their programme choices.


Step 2: Priority Allocation
Students will be guaranteed their first-choice programme if they satisfy any one of the following conditions:

(i)      HKDSE entrants who have achieved in HKDSE Level 5* or above in Mathematics AND another one Science subject (Mathematics Extended Module 1 or 2 could be counted as one subject in this exercise) AND one elective subject, PLUS Level 4 or above in any two of the remaining core subjects# ; OR
(ii)     Any entrants admitted to CUHK with renewable tuition scholarship# ; OR
(iii)    have achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above as of the release date of academic results of Second Term, 2020-21.

# Students in category (i) and (ii) must attain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above as of the release date of academic results of Second Term, 2020-21.


Step 3: Central Allocation
Other eligible students will go through a centralized major allocation process, for which preferences of students will be given due consideration, provided that respective programmes have adequate teaching resources and facilities for quality education. It is expected that a relatively high percentage of students would be allocated to their 1st or 2nd Major choice .


Estimated Time Frame for Major Allocation


Allocation Process

January to March

- Programme talks and academic counselling for students

March to May

- Major declaration through the online system

Early June

- Release of second-term academic results
- Re-prioritization of the programme choices

Mid-June- Central allocation
Late June- Announcement of the major allocation results