RGC General Research Fund and Early Career Scheme 2022/23 received by Engineering Faculty Members
Principal InvestigatorProject TitleAmount (HK$)
Prof. AU Kwok Wai, SamuelRestricted Space Assembly Operation with Morphing Tilted Hexarotor, Dexterous Aerial Manipulators, and Hybrid Multiple-shooting Differential Dynamic Programming Framework for Robot-environment Interaction Control896,218
Prof. CHANG Hing Chiu, CharlesDevelopment of 3D High-Resolution Cervical Spinal Cord Diffusion-Tensor Imaging766,820
Prof. CHEN BenmeiCollaborative Search and Pursuit-evasion for Unmanned Systems in Cluttered Environments1,382,623
Prof. CHEN ChunDevelopment of Metal-organic Framework-embedded Nanofiber Air Filters with Enhanced Particle Removal Efficiency and their Applications in indoor particle Control1115,452
Prof. CHEN FeiLearning and Control of Adaptive Co-Manipulation in Human-Robot Collaboration Based on Cognitive Ergonomics945,461
Prof. CHEN Lian KuanPerformance Maximization by Wave-aware Proactive Compensation for Water-air Optical Wireless Communication896,311
Prof. CHENG HongRobust Learning on Dynamic Graphs1,086,185
Prof. CHENG Shing ShinLeveraging Hybrid Mechanisms under Optimized Structural and Motion Frameworks for MRI-guided Robotic Intracerebral Hemorrhage Aspiration834,110
Prof. Gao XuefengLogarithmic Regret Bounds for Learning in Continuous-time Markov Decision Processes745,437
Prof. HE XuedongPortfolio Diversification with Realization Utility675,611
Prof. HO Tsung YiCOSMOS: Co-Synthesis for Microfluidic Biochips1,155,369
Prof. HO Yi PingDevelopment of a Single-cell Full-length Mitochondrial Genome Sequencing Platform Based on Droplet Microfluidics970,181
Prof. KING Kuo Chin, IrwinExploring the Semantic and Structure Information in Recommender Systems724,124
Prof. LAU Tat Ming, DarwinDesign and Control of Deforming Flexible and Tensegrity Cable-Driven Parallel Robots1,088,167
Prof. LEE Pak Ching, PatrickDecoupled Redundancy Management for Distributed Key-Value Stores947,907
Prof. LEE Yiu Bun, JackDesign and Optimization of Adaptive Streaming for Short-Video Services724,124
Prof. LI LingfeiReinforcement Learning for the Optimal Trade Execution Problem in Financial Engineering715,891
Prof. LIU LiPhotoacoustic Sensor-enhanced Neurosurgical Robotic System by Autonomous Steering through Osteoporotic Vertebrae to Facilitate Functionally Accurate Spinal Fusion1,065,340
Prof. LIU Yun HuiDevelopment of an Image-guided Intravitreal Injection Robot1,180,842
Prof. LOK Tat MingCo-existing Communication Networks with Over-the-air Computing871,682
Prof. LU Yi ChunModel System Investigations of Polyoxometalate Electrolyte for Low-Temperature Redox Flow Batteries Applications870,000
Prof. LUI Chi Shing, JohnOnline Bandit Approach to Analyze Queueing and Resource Allocation Problems for Intelligent Networks: Methodologies, Algorithms and Applications1,086,185
Prof. NAIR ChandraOuter Bounds in Multiuser Information Theory Settings via the Novel Approach of Auxiliary Receivers708,627
Prof. PUN Kong PangInvestigation of Wideband Continuous-time Delta-sigma Modulators by Means of a High Single-Loop Order1,075,574
Prof. REN HongliangCystoscopic Active Probing with Visual-tactile Guidance Towards Semiautomatic Real-time Intravesical Inspection of Perilesional Underlying Microstructures in Situ1,098,559
Prof. SHAO ZiliStoreLess: Eliminating Redundancy for LSM-tree based Key-Value Stores as Database Storage Engines in Internet Applications987,785
Prof. SHU Ching Tat, ChesterProgrammable Optical Processing Schemes Empowered by Temporal and Spectral Talbot Effects951,618
Prof. SO Man Cho, AnthonyTowards Understanding the Hardness of Structured Non-Smooth Non-Convex Optimization Problems946,348
Prof. TAO YufeiPattern Matching in Predicate-Induced Subgraphs1,157,706
Prof. TONG Kai-yu, RaymondDesign of Elastomer-based Soft Actuator and Flexible Electronic Polymers Sensor for Rehabilitation of Hand Function after Stroke844,415
Prof. WANG SiboLarge Scale Graph Embedding690,300
Prof. WONG HayIn-situ Process Monitoring with Laser Diode Scanning Imaging for the Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process848,634
Prof. XING GuoliangVI-Drive: An Edge System for Real-time Cooperative Perception in Infrastructure-assisted Autonomous Driving1,168,418
Prof. XU JianbinPhonon Hydrodynamics in One-dimensional Crystals Towards High Thermal Conduction1,075,574
Prof. XU QiangNeural Representation Learning of Logic Circuits and Its Applications to EDA1,168,028
Prof. YAN ZhenyuInfrastructure-free Indoor Localization with Advanced Powerline Electromagnetic Radiation Sensing1,079,805
Prof. YANG Ming ChangUnveiling the Full Potential of Zoned Namespace SSDs via Logical Zone Management1,158,193
Prof. YOUNG Fung YuAccelerate VLSI Routing on GPU1,075,574
Prof. YUAN HaidongIncompatibility Measures for Multi-parameter Quantum Estimation under General p-local measurement1,107,000
Prof. YUAN WuTheranostic Visible Light Optical Coherence Tomogrphy Endoscopy for Disease Detection and Photodynamic Therapy Guidance in the Endocervical Canal1,075,574
Prof. ZHANG LiInvestigating the Optimized Pattern Transformation Rate of Magnetic Colloidal Microswarm for Rapid Active Delivery in Cinfined Space870,000
Prof. ZHANG Yingjun, AngelaCommunication and Computation Co-design for Differential Privacy in Over-the-air Wireless Federated Learning799,266
Prof. ZHAO ChanghongOptimizing Fast Frequency Response of Distributed Energy Resources under Distribution Network Constraints747,197
Prof. ZHAO NiDevelopment and Fundamental Investigation of Stacked Perovskite/Quantum Dot Structures for Light-emitting Applications1,046,114