RGC General Research Fund and Early Career Scheme 2021/22 received by Engineering Faculty Members
Principal InvestigatorProject TitleAmount (HK$)
Prof. BOGDANOV AndrejCryptographic Reductions and Quantum Adversaries657,693 
Prof. CHAN Siu-onComputing the Cover Time of Directed Graphs718,412
Prof. CHANG Hing Chiu, CharlesDevelopment of Advanced Motion-Resolved 4D Abdominal Diffusion-Weighted Imaging Technique1,095,732
Prof. CHAU Sze-yiuRevisiting and Rethinking the Design of the X.509 Public Key Infrastructure740,067
Prof. CHEN BenmeiAdvanced Motion Planning Techniques for the Cooperation of Multi-agent Systems815,601
Prof. CHEN Fei
TELE-LEARN: Human Tele-demonstration Based on Manipulation Skills Learning
for Collaborative Dual-arm Mobile Robots
Prof. CHEN Lian-kuanUbiquitous High-Speed Optical Camera Communication and its Fundamental Data-rate Limit698,661
Prof. CHEN Shih-chiDevelopment and Mechanistic Study of Multi-focus Two-photon Lithography based on Dual-comb Spectroscopy1,139,146
Prof. CHOI Chung-hang,  JonathanBypassing the Hurdles to Effective Intracellular Delivery of Nucleic Acids via Gold @ Polydopamine Plasmonic Nanoworms666,015
Prof. CHOW Sze-ming, ShermanDecentralizing Cryptosystems: Predicate Encryption, Confidential Transaction, and Anonymous Reputation838,393
Prof. FU Chi-WingComputing and Optimizing Structural Rigidity in Multi-Joint Assemblies838,393 
Prof. GAO XuefengTemperature Control for Langevin Diffusions706,936
Prof. GAO ZhaoliCoupling ABC Trilayer Graphene Sensor Arrays with Dendrimer‐Based Exponential Self-Assembly Amplification to Improve Low-Level Nucleic Acid Detection563,714
Prof. HENG Pheng-AnnData-Efficient Deep Learning for Shadow Detection, Removal, and Generation563,714
Prof. HO Ho-pui, AaronLabel-free Digital PCR based on Phase Singularity Goos–Hänchen Plasmonic Biosensor838,393
Prof. HO Yi PingInvestigations of Single Bacterial Enzymatic Activity as a New Biomarker for the Identification of Live Foodborne Bacteria543,734
Prof. HU GuohuaLight-mediated Printable Memristors740,067 
Prof. HUANG JieAn Integrated Approach to the Cooperative Control of Complex Multi-agent Systems815,601
Prof. LAU Tat-ming, DarwinDesign and Control of Hybrid Spatial and Hyper-Redundant Cable-Driven Parallel Robots815,601
Prof. LEE Ho-man, JimmyExploiting Dominance Relations in Constraint Optimization: Theory, Automation and Algorithms838,393
Prof. LEE Yiu-bun, JackStateful-TCP – Design, Optimization, and Experimental Validation838,393
Prof. LI Cheuk TingFinite Blocklength Schemes in Information Theory266,380
Prof. LI HongshengTowards Privacy-preserving Deep Learning with Multi-Domain Co-adaptive Private Knowledge Transfer838,393
Prof. LIEW Soung-changInformation Freshness-Oriented Scheduling: An "Uncertainty of Information" Framework563,714
Prof. LIU LiNavigation Guided Steerable Endomicrocopy to Facilitate In Situ Assessment of Articular Cartilage Lesions815,601
Prof. LIU XunyingHigh-performance Low-footprint Speech Recognition Using Mixed Precision Deep Neural Network Quantization838,393
Prof. LONG Zhuoyu, DanielSupermodularity in Two Stage Distributionally Robust Optimization712,306
Prof. LU Yi-ChunDegradation Mechanisms and Mitigation Strategies of Deposition-Dissolution based Zn-Mn2+/MnO2 Aqueous Batteries946,015
Prof. LUI Chi Shing , JohnPreference Aware Cooperative Game Theory: Theory, Computational Algorithms and Applications838,393
Prof. LYU Rung-tsong, MichaelResilient Cloud Systems with AIOps838,393
Prof. MA Wing KinA Probabilistic Framework for Non-negative Matrix Factorization: From Identifiable Models to Stochastic Variational Inference to Multi-Layer Factorization838,393
Prof. PUN Kong-pangA New Class of Bandpass Delta-Sigma Modulators based on Passive N-path Filters for Low Power, Small Area and Reconfigurability558,929
Prof. REN WeiCavity-enhanced Photoacoustic Raman Spectroscopy for Trace Gas Sensing with Continuous-wave Semiconductor Lasers815,601
Prof. SO Man-choTowards Provably Efficient and Effective Methods for Non-Convex Group Synchronization815,601
Prof. SUN XiankaiInvestigation of Anti-PT Symmetry on an Integrated Photonic Platform563,714
Prof. TAO YufeiDynamic Subgraph (Approximate) Counting, Aggregation, and Sampling1,093,580
Prof. TSANG Hon KiResonance-Enhanced Waveguide Grating Couplers for Wideband High Capacity CWDM Transceivers838,393
Prof. XING GuoliangDemystifying Performance of City-scale NB-IoT Networks: System, Measurement, and Optimization1,093,580
Prof. XU HuifuStatistical Robust Analysis of Stochastic Generalized Equations with Applications in Machine Learning and Stochastic Equilibrium Problems815,601
Prof. XU JianbinNovel 2D Ferroelectric Memristors as Artificial Synapse for Neuromorphic Array838,393 
Prof. XU QiangDefense-in-Depth for Adversarial Examples and Out-of-Distribution Samples in Deep Learning1,093,580
Prof. YANG ChenHigh-Dimensional Continuous-Time Portfolio Selection with Capital Gains Tax523,231 
Prof. YANG Ming-ChangBuilding I/O-Efficient External Graph Processing Framework on Emerging Solid-State Drive1,093,580
Prof. YU BeiDeepMO: Deep Mask Optimization Toward Large Scale Layout838,393
Prof. YUAN WuMicro-endobronchial Optical Coherence Tomography (µ-EBOCT) for Intraoperative-HRCT Guided Quantitative Histopathological Assessment of Alveoli in Vivo838,393
Prof. ZHANG LiInvestigation of Heterogeneous Colloidal Microswarm with Hierarchical and Cooperative Functionalities in Biofluids666,015
Prof. ZHANG WeizhaoInvestigating and Predicting Preforming Effects on Resin Solidification of Woven Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRPs) Using Multiscale Modeling and Experiments677,878 
Prof. ZHANG Yingjun, AngelaReconfigurable Intelligent Surface Assisted Mobile Federated Learning762,571
Prof. ZHAO NiDevelopment of Ion-blocking Interfaces for Stable and Bright Perovskite Light-emitting Diodes838,393 
Prof. ZHOU BoleiGenerative Holistic Scene Understanding838,393
Prof. ZHOU RenjieEnhancing Imaging Throughput in Tomographic Phase Microscopy Through Exploring Illumination Angle Multiplexing838,393
Prof. ZI YunlongThe Mechanism Study and Material Engineering of Triboelectric Surface Charge1,139,146