RGC General Research Fund and Early Career Scheme 2023/24 received by Engineering Faculty Members
Principal Investigator Project Title Amount (HK$)
Prof. CHANG Hing Chiu Charles Improved Free-Breathing Abdominal Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Deep Learning 921,464
Prof. CHEN Benmei Collaborative Task Assignment of Multi-Agent Unmanned Systems for Infrastructure Inspection 1,369,862
Prof. CHEN Fei Learning, Modelling and Control of Real-World Humanoid Robot-Robot Collaboration Based on Human-Human Collaboration Demonstration 1,122,534
Prof. CHEN Lian-kuan On the Optimization of Simultaneous Energy Harvesting and Photovoltaic Visible Light Communication by Time-and Spatial-division Multiplexing to Assist Disaster Area Recovery 1,023,850
Prof. CHEN Nan Duality-Based Dynamic Programming: A Model-Free Learning Approach to Stochastic Control Problems 978,709
Prof. CHENG Shing Shin Submillimeter Magnetic Soft Robotic Cannula with Stiffness Enhancement, Contact Sensing and Stochastic Optimal Control for Deep Brain Intervention 959,964
Prof. DINH Ngoc Duy Propagation-On-Chip: Unravelling the Propagation of Misfolded Proteins in High-Throughput Human Physiological Neurodegenerative Disease Models 873,910
Prof. DOU Qi Towards Data-driven Robotic Surgery Automation through Embodied Intelligence on Scalable Control Policy and Adaptive Human Interaction 883,254
Prof. GAO Xuefeng Online Learning in Games and Algorithmic Collusion 658,524
Prof. HO Aaron Ho-pui Fibre-based Deep Ultraviolet Plasmonic Biosensing for in Vivo Detection of Biomarkers Through An Intravenous Cannula 837,477
Prof. HO Tsung-Yi DIAL: Design and Implementation of Adiabatic Quantum-flux-parametron Logics 1,138,873
Prof. GAO Shichang The Time-variant Multi-frequency Field Extraction Based on the Data Driven Method for the Near-Field Scanning 819,079
Prof. LAU Darwin Tat Ming Cable-Driven Supernumerary Robotic Limbs with Foot Control for Intuitive Human-Robot Collaboration 1,122,534
Prof. LEE Patrick Pak-ching Enabling Fast, Available, and Reliable In-Switch Write-Back Caching in Programmable Networks 1,228,619
Prof. LI Cheuk Ting Automated Theorem Proving in Information Theory 478,585
Prof. LI Yu Improving RNA Structure Prediction with Unannotated Data 1,185,078
Prof. LI Zhong Development of Osteochondral Tissue-on-a-chip for Modelling Joint Pathologies and Drug Testing 1,570,015
Prof. LIAO Wei-Hsin Nonlinear Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters with Hierarchical Auxetic Metastructures 1,010,280
Prof. LIAO Wei-Hsin In-Process Metrology Development to Investigate Defect Formation in the Laser Cladding Direct Energy Deposition Manufacturing Process 1,122,534
Prof. LO Eric Programming Serverless Data Systems on Disaggregated Data Centers 1,228,619
Prof. LONG Daniel Zhuoyu Assortment Optimization with Distributionally Uncertainty 711,143
Prof. LU Yi-Chun Developing Low-Cost Symmetric Chromium-Bromine Aqueous Redox Flow Batteries: Electrode/Electrolyte Designs Enabled by Synergistic Chromium-Bromide Interactions 877,079
Prof. LUI John C.S. Design and Analysis of Online Resource Allocation Policies: Mathematical Theory, Algorithms and Applications 1,195,936
Prof. MA Xin Magnetically Driven Robot Equipped with Flexible Manipulators and Soft Anchors for Endoluminal Surgery in the Depth of the Colon 620,901
Prof. MAO Chuanbin Genetically Engineered Multi-Functional Nanofibers for Targeted Breast Cancer Therapy 1,600,000
Prof. MENG Wei Detecting Memory-Safety Vulnerabilities in Multilingual Software 1,352,729
Prof. REN Hongliang Transoral Bimodal Endomicroscopy-assisted Adaptive Manipulations with Submucosal Awareness Toward Safer Managing Pharyngoesophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma 1,214,617
Prof. SHAO Zili Data Model and Programming Framework for Function Offloading in In-SSD Computing 1,228,619
Prof. SHU Chester Ching-tat Broadband Optical Parametric Amplifier on Higher-order-mode Silicon Photonic Platform 990,574
Prof. SO Man-cho Towards Understanding the Complexity of Approximate Stationarity Concepts in Structured Non-Convex, Non-Smooth Optimization 1,068,950
Prof. SONG Xu 3D Hierarchical Shell-based Lattice Structures with Highly Tunable Mechanical Properties: Implicit Design and High-precision Additive Manufacturing 1,122,534
Prof. TSANG Hon Ki Coherent Microresonator Networks for Reconfigurable Photonic Integrated Circuits 1,017,450
Prof. WANG Liwei A Compositional, Comprehensive and General-Purpose Framework for 3D Vision-Language Learning 1,185,078
Prof. XING Guoliang RTNet: A Holistic Real-Time Framework for Concurrent DNN Inference on Edge Platforms 1,535,774
Prof. XU Jianbin 2D Material-Based Topological Polariton Lasers 1,228,619
Prof. YAN Zhenyu Head as a Sensor: Novel Sensing Systems with Earables 1,524,160
Prof. YANG Chen Continuous-Time Nonconcave Portfolio Selection with General Payoffs and Transaction Costs 670,802
Prof. YANG Ming-Chang Towards High-Performance and Energy-Efficient Racetrack Memory-based Main Memory: A Hardware-Software Co-design Approach 1,228,619
Prof. YOUNG Evangeline F.Y. Extensible GPU-Accelerated Global Placer 1,360,888
Prof. YU Bei RISC-V Microarchitecture Design Space Exploration 1,374,326
Prof. YUAN Haidong Quantum Metrology with Indefinite Causal Orders and the Implementations on Spin System 877,079
Prof. ZHANG Angela Yingjun Integrated Sensing, Communication, and Computing in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Assisted Wireless Cellular Systems 1,228,619
Prof. ZHANG Li Probing the Dynamic Interactions Between Microrobot Swarms and Curved Boundaries in a Tiny Lumen 1,122,534
Prof. ZHANG Weizhao Multiscale Modeling for Out-of-plane Behaviors of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (CFRPs) during Thermoforming 1,122,534
Prof. ZHOU Jianshu In-hand Granular Object Manipulation Using a Dexterous Soft Hand Based on Learning and Tactile Sensing 1,122,534