Research Initiatives

CUHK Engineering FinTech Applied Research Academy (CEFAR Academy)



To meet the demand in FinTech applied research and talent development in Hong Kong, the Faculty of Engineering has set up CUHK Engineering Fintech Applied Research Academy (CEFAR Academy), with an aim to achieve the following objectives: 

  • Chart directions in, promote and accelerate applied research in FinTech applications to reinforce the position of Hong Kong as an International Financial Centre. 
  • Foster a strong and growing FinTech ecosystem, comprising key stakeholders from Government, Industry, Academia and Research  in contributing to FinTech applied research and talent development and deepen such engagement.
  • Create theme-based/domain-based project repositories through categorizing FinTech applied research problems/business opportunities, and the associated research findings.
  • Develop a steady pipeline of FinTech talents, equipped with strong applied research capabilities to meet industry demands. 
CUHK has established strategic partnership with a number of financial institutions as well as technology service providers and research institutes in sponsoring industrial projects. Some partners have also offered internship positions for students in the FinTech programmes to gain practical experiences; donated scholarships for FinTech programmes to attract competitive candidates; and/or contributed their executives’ time in supervising the projects.
The industrial projects are applied research oriented, which emcompass various domains of financial technologies applied in addressing real-life problems/business opportunities provided by sponsoring organizations. They will be undertaken by selected undergraduate and postgraduate students, normally spanning from 6 to 8 months duration, under the lead of Industrial supervisor and academic supervisor.
Overseas Research Attachment Programme for PhD Students
The Overseas Research Attachment Programme (ORAP) in the Faculty of Engineering is intended to enhance the research experience of Engineering PhD students by providing them with an opportunity to carry out research overseas where they can broaden their research horizons and work closely with top scholars/researchers in state-of-the-art research labs in a top university or research institute. This experience will help students gain better recognition than short visits and presentations in conference, strengthen international collaborations and improve the international visibility of CUHK. The experience may also help students find overseas postdoctoral or other career opportunities. The attachment duration is typically 6 months to enable meaningful research, and it is expected that at least one publication should be produced during the attachment period. Each student under the ORAP scheme would receive a financial support capped at HK$50,000 to cover air-ticket and accommodation expenses on a reimbursement basis.
HK PhD Fellowship Summer Workshop 2023
The Faculty of Engineering will organize a PhD Summer Workshop on July 3 - 7, 2023 for applicants who are interested in seeking admission to our PhD programmes for 2024/25 intake through the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme. The Organizing Committee targets to select up to 150 applicants to participate in the workshop. 
Apart from attending technical research seminars delivered by our faculty members, participants will also have the opportunities to discuss with our professors and PhD students and to attend admission interviews at the end of the workshop. 
Further details and applications are available at Please contact us by email at for questions.