International Students

International Students Admissions

Non-local students who require a student visa to study in Hong Kong can apply through this scheme. The applicants must possess relevant high-school or post-secondary qualifications, which include GCE-AL, IB, SAT/AP (USA), GSAT (Taiwan), OSSD (Canada), and ATAR (Australia). Applications will be considered on a case by case basis. Please refer to the website of Office of Admissions and Financial Aid ( for further information.

Admission with Advanced Standing

A non-JUPAS or international applicant may apply for “Admission with Advanced Standing” if he/she meets specific requirements on relevant qualifications (including GCE-AL, International-AL, IB, Cambridge Pre-U, HKALE, Associate Degree/Higher Diploma). For students admitted with Advanced Standing, the minimum number of units for graduation may be reduced by up to 24 (normative period of study may be shortened by up to one year). Applicants will be required to indicate in the application form whether they would like to be considered for "Admission with Advanced Standing".


Applicants should apply for admissions through the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid of the University.