JUPAS Admissions (2018 Entry)

Secondary school students taking Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary School Examination (HKDSE) should apply for admission through the Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS). The JUPAS code of CUHK Broad-based Engineering is "JS4401".

Under broad-based admission line, the Faculty admits applicants with HKDSE qualifications for its six undergraduate programmes:

  1. Computer Engineering
  2. Computer Science
  3. Information Engineering
  4. Mathematics and Information Engineering
  5. Mechanical and Automation Engineering
  6. Systems Engineering and Engineering Management

Application Requirements (applicable to HKDSE applicants for 2018-19 onwards)

Admission is based on the Best 5 HKDSE subject results with subject weighting. For details of subject weighting, please refer to the table below.
Minimum Admission RequirementSubjectMinimum GradeSubject Weighting
Core SubjectsEnglish Language31
Chinese Language31
Liberal Studies20.5
Two Elective Subjects

Any one science subject from the following: Biology / Chemistry / Combined Science / Physics / Mathematics Extended Module 1 or 2

31.5 (1.75 for M1/M2, if applicable)

Preferred subjects: Biology / Chemistry / Combined Science / Physics / Information and Communication Technology / Design and Applied Technology / Mathematics Extended Module 1 or 2

Any other subjects

Preferred subjects: 1.5 (1.75 for M1/M2, if applicable)

Any other subjects: 1

In addition to the requirements above, bonus points will be awarded to the 6th and 7th subjects, if any.

2017 Admission Grades of HKDSE Examination (for reference)

SubjectsCHINENGLLBSTMATHSCI Elective Elective 2 (applicable to M1/M2)
Lower Quartile333545

Calculation of Admission Scores

Grade Point Conversion Table
HKDSE Level5**5*54321
Grade Point7654321

For details, please visit here.