Professor Wong Ching Ping (汪正平教授)
BS(Purdue), PhD(Pennsylvania State), Member of NAE, FIEEE

Greetings and welcome to the Faculty of Engineering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, an  environment that allows students and faculty members to learn and develop themselves to their utmost potential in engineering.

Founded in 1991, the Faculty started with only around 50 faculty members.  Today we have grown and earned strong reputation from scholars and industry.  Our faculty carries forward with its mission: to be the education of future leaders in engineering, the pursuit of knowledge at the frontier of modern technology, and the application of technology to meet societal and human needs.

Engineering is the art of applying scientific and mathematical principles in real life to invent and develop technologies that benefit mankind.  Our rigorous programmes provide students with a strong foundation in mathematics and science; and at the same time cultivate their creativity, analytical and critical thinking skills.

Moving forward, we are facing greater challenges as the world develops and new technologies emerge.  Our faculty strives to evolve and improve itself to take up these new challenges and meet the changing societal needs.  We want to excel in our research in engineering encompassed the 14 grand challenges of the 21st century set by the US National Academy of Engineering which is embraced by the British Royal Academy of Engineering, the Chinese Academy of Engineering and worldwide communities. Also, given the crucial importance of engineering to our world,   we will continue to equip our students with the foundation of scientific knowledge, apply our creativity and intellect to solve problems in new way.