CUHK Team Wins in HackUST 2017


The hackUST 2017 is a 24-hour coding competition open to all university students/ alumni in the world and is the largest university hackathon in Asia. There are 4 themes (Gaming, Transport, Economy, Healthcare) with different challenges available for the participants this year. Participants are free to select their theme and form their team. Teams need to fulfil the challenge given and come up with creative ideas to win.

This year, a total of over 600 participants joined the event held on April 22-23, 2017 at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The challenge for the Gaming theme was “Create a social game designed for all ages”. CUHK team won Champion in the Gaming theme by creating a 2.5D cooperative puzzle game that provides two distinctive perspective of the story-line within 24 hours.

The team comprises of the following students:
Royce Santo (MAE), Tamara Yustian, Winnie Hiyadi Liu and Nigel Nicholas (CSE)