Prof. Wong Kam Fai Receives the Second-class Award in Scientific and Technological Progress from MoE

Media Release


A research project “Development and industrialisation of ‘Bilingual Trilingualism’-based retrieval and understanding platform on large scale social media” led by Prof. Wong Kam Fai has received the second-class award in Scientific and Technological Progress from the Ministry of Education (MoE). 

In collaboration with the Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School, the University of International Relations, and the 54th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, the team have jointly developed a ‘Bilingual Trilingualism’-based Retrieval and Understanding Platform on Large Scale Social Media. This platform is able to effectively retrieve targeted information from a complex web environment, which includes simplified and traditional Chinese, English, and Cantonese for Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan residents. The platform can also distinguish leaders and followers of a particular topic through the comments and forwarded messages of Weibo. Thus, the conversation will be identified and analysed more precisely, and the influential information will be extracted for topic summarisation. Novel technologies including deep learning, conditional random fields, and distributed cloud computing are adopted to provide services such as ‘Bilingual Trilingualism’-based social media information retrieval, multi-source and multi-dimension hot event evolution, cross-languages and cross-domains text analysis and summarisation, as well as sentiment analysis of the spread and evolution of topics on social media. These services will perfectly meet the needs of large scale ‘Bilingual Trilingualism’-based social media information retrieval and understanding, which are beneficial to the development of Internet information security and cross-border e-commerce related industries.

The research team included Prof. WONG Kam-fai, Associate Dean (External Affairs) of the Faculty of Engineering and Professor of the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management (SEEM); Dr. Gabriel FUNG Pui-cheong and Mr. LI Bo from SEEM.

Prof. Wong Kam-fai (2nd left) and his team receive the award certificate from Mr. Chen Baosheng (2nd right).