MIE Student Wins Bronze Award of the ASM Technology Competition


Mr. Ng Ka Lok from Mathematics and Information Engineering Programme has won the Bronze Award of the ASM Technology Competition with his project titled “A Secure Deep Neural Network Framework with Trusted Processors”.  He received a scholarship award of $20,000 and an invitation to a Technology Tour to Munich, Germany arranged by ASM in early December 2018.

About the winning project
Machine learning, especially the state-of-the-art neural networks, is getting more popular for its unpreceded performance. Naturally, the more data we use to train the network, the more useful it is. When no single party possesses enough data, we need multiple parties to contribute their data and train a model together. It raises a privacy concern that the training data can be sensitive and should not be revealed to others. Likewise, any individual query to the neural network can also be sensitive. Users may even decide not to enjoy the advances in machine learning at the price of their privacy. Ng's project solves these problems by developing a new privacy-preserving neural network framework using trusted processors such as Intel SGX and graphics processing unit (GPU). Our framework outperforms the traditional cryptographic approaches by orders of magnitude.