Engineering Students Win Flipped Classroom Promotional Video Trailer Competition


A team of students from the Faculty of Engineering Media Studio have won the championship at the University Flipped Classroom Promotional Video Trailer Competition. The competition invited entries promoting the benefits on learning with the flipped classroom approach and encouraging students to participate in the pre-class activities of a flipped classroom.

The winning video focuses on the creative use of animation and narrative storytelling.  The winner said, “due to limited resources and venue options, we only spent three weeks creating an animated video and storyline to make things lively and interesting.  We would like to express our thanks to Mr. Rudi Chow who was the core of the Faculty Media Studio for giving us instructions and inspirations.  We sincerely hope our video work may help more people understand what flipped classroom is and how it benefits lecturers, teachers, trainers, and learners from institutes and organisations across the region.” The team comprised Jingyuan Chen (CSE), Che Li (MAE), Wang Wei (CSE) and Yuxiao Qu (CSE). They received a cash prize of HK$5,000.  
Flipped classroom moves traditional lectures outside the classroom so that valuable in-class time can be used for discussions and other interactive activities.   The organiser of the video competition is the Project Team of “Effective Implementation of the Flipped Classroom Approach in Hong Kong Higher Education for Enhanced Learning Outcomes”, a project funded by the University Grants Committee (UGC) of Hong Kong.