Mourning Professor Sir Charles K. KAO


Dear Colleagues and Students,

It was with great sadness that we received the news that Professor Charles Kao, Nobel Laureate in Physics 2009 and former VC of the University, has passed away yesterday. Professor Kao has been an outstanding scholar, a great scientist, an innovator, a visionary and above all, a kind and upstanding human being. He was the founding Chairman of the Department of Electronics Engineering in 1970, and the then VC of CUHK establishing the Faculty of Engineering in 1991. To this day, the Faculty is greatly motivated by his vision, his lasting achievements and his exemplary leadership. His statue located on the 5th floor of the HSH Engineering Building is a constant reminder of the proud history underlying the Faculty of Engineering at CUHK.

While we must all be saddened by his passing away, let us also celebrate the fact that Professor Kao has lived a full life loved and respected by his family, friends and peers, and that he has made tremendous contributions to human society in his lifetime. His research on optical fiber communication changed the ways information are being transmitted, made internet and smart phones possible, and ushered the world into the era of big data and IoT. Moreover, let’s be encouraged to follow his footsteps in dedicating our time and efforts to advancing the technological frontiers and applications for the betterment of mankind.

Our thoughts and prayers go to Mrs. Kao and family members for their great loss.

Yeung YAM
Interim Dean, Faculty of Engineering