Collaboration of CUHK Faculty of Engineering and SenseTime on AI Education


The Faculty of Engineering and SenseTime Group Ltd (SenseTime) have recently launched a new collaboration on Artificial Intelligence (AI) education with the signing of a collaborative agreement. AI is the technology that uses machine intelligence to simulate human intelligence in performing tasks and solving problems. The application areas include visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, machine translation, self-driving cars, and more. The technology has broad implications as a disruptive force that is reshaping the world and changing the ways humans live and work in the future.

CUHK, which has a pool of top-tier talents in AI and sophisticated scientific research facilities, will collaborate with the world’s leading AI company SenseTime to promote AI education in Hong Kong. The collaborative agreement covers joint efforts to bring up the new generation of AI talent in the coming three years. And through the participation in international AI competitions, exchange programmes and exhibitions, talents with outstanding performance are encouraged to enroll in the engineering programmes in universities. The two parties will also actively engage in future educational activities by encouraging the young generation to explore AI and improve their literacy level, which includes the positive and ethical use of AI, as well as the limitations and risks. In addition, both parties hope to extend their collaborative efforts to research activities on technological advancement and societal applications of AI. 

Professor Martin D. F. Wong, Dean of Engineering, CUHK, remarked, “AI is one of the key research areas of the Faculty, and developing young talent and promoting technology education is a strong belief we share with SenseTime. Building on our deeply established ties, I expect the collaborative efforts from this Agreement will lead to increased participation of young students in our educational activities which will ultimately cultivate a new generation of engineering leaders in AI.”

Mr. Hailong Shang, Managing Director of SenseTime Hong Kong, said, “At SenseTime, ‘Lead AI Innovation to Power the Future’ has always been our mission. While pushing ahead for technological innovations, we are also committed to promoting AI education for all. CUHK has long been renowned for its research and development work in AI. With this collaboration, we aim to join hands with CUHK to cultivate more exceptional AI talents and contribute to the AI communities in academia and industry alike.”

Professor Martin D. F. Wong, Dean of Engineering, CUHK (left, front row) and Mr. Hailong Shang, Managing Director of SenseTime Hong Kong (right, front row), sign a collaboration agreement.

Professor Martin D. F. Wong, Dean of Engineering, CUHK (left) and Mr. Hailong Shang, Managing Director of SenseTime Hong Kong (right), take a photo together after signing the collaboration agreement.