CUHK Robocon Team Crowned Champion at the 2019 Robocon Hong Kong Contest


Phantom Dancer from the CUHK Robocon team was crowned champion at the 2019 Robocon Hong Kong Contest organized by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park and Hong Kong Institute of Engineers on 23 June 2019. 

The theme of the Robocon 2019 Hong Kong Contest is “Great Urtuu”, or Sharing the Knowledge, inspired by a traditional Mongolian messenger system. The competition challenges the participants to build one manual and one automatic robotic prototype that have to execute a range of tasks over a miniature Mongolian landscape within three minutes, to demonstrate their technical and physical capabilities.  To prepare for the contest, the winning team has been spending a year to design and build over 10 robotic prototypes, and select the best of the best after countless trials and adjustments.  These tasks include crossing different geographical conditions while carrying the Gerege as a testimony, throwing Shagai to earn 50 or more points, and raising the Gerege upon reaching the finish line. 

Following this victory, the team will represent Hong Kong in the ABU Robocon 2019 on Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. They will compete against teams from China, Egypt, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam and many more teams across the greater Asia-Pacific region.

Since its launch in 2002, ABU Robocon has been a premier stage for students in the region to display their ingenuity and skills in robotics and build lasting friendships after the competition.