BME Student awarded Link University Scholarship 2022/23

Media Release
Tiffany Choi from the Department of Biomedical Engineering has won the $20,000 Link University Scholarship in recognition of her outstanding achievements in academic studies and community services. Although schoolwork has been keeping her busy, she still manages to find time for volunteering. This summer she took part in Link’s volunteer month activities.
Tiffany said, “I like to explore things outside of academic subjects. The more I see and learn, the more I can broaden my horizon.” She took part in the project of Food Angel, another Link-sponsored program, a few months ago. For the project, she went to fresh markets in Lok Fu to collect vegetables and fruits and turn them into meal boxes.  While taking part in the activities, she was stunned by the extent of the wealth gap between the rich and the poor in a prosperous city like Hong Kong. 
“If it wasn’t for this experience, I would have no idea about the number of people who are dependent on free meals. Their situations were made worse by the fifth wave of the pandemic, which has taken away many people’s jobs.”
Besides helping people, volunteering gives Tiffany the opportunity to see the different segments of society and to make friends with people from different background. This has greatly broadened her life experience. As for the $20,000 scholarship, Tiffany said part of it will be used to pay off tuition fee, while some will go into her savings – she plans to apply for the exchange program to Australia or Europe next year and would need money to cover her living expense abroad. She has also applied for this year’s Link Scholarship and she will continue to take time off her studies and learn more about things happening outside the campus.
Supported by Link Together Initiatives, the annual Link University Scholarship program aims to nurture young people and encourage upward mobility. Launched in 2015 and with no income screening requirement, it aims to support students who are the first among the three generations in their families to attend university. This year, 220 awardees were selected from over 2,000 applicants in the 11 universities across Hong Kong. 
(extracted from the news article issued on 7 Dec 2022 by HK01 and Link

Tiffany Choi