Faculty of Engineering organized “2023 CUHK–Mainland Optics & Photonics Workshop

Media Release
2023 CUHK–Mainland Optics & Photonics Workshop successfully took place at Faculty of Engineering during 15-17 December 2023. The three-day in-person workshop provided a free platform for academic and social interactions, joined by over 30 distinguished scholars and up to one hundred graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from Tsinghua University, CUHK, Zhejiang University, and other renowned universities/institutions in the mainland. 
Coordinated by Prof. Renjie Zhou (Assistant Dean for Research, Faculty of Engineering) and supported by Prof. Xiankai Sun and Chaoran Huang (Department of Electronic Engineering), Prof. Scott Yuan (Department of Biomedical Engineering), and many other colleagues in Faculty of Engineering, the workshop further fostered the existing collaborations between CUHK and mainland partners, while exploring new frontiers in research innovations and new initiatives in cultivating the next generation of leaders in the field of optics and photonics. The attendants include Prof Songlin Zhuang (Member, Chinese Academy of Engineering), Prof. Xu Liu (Distinguished Professor, Zhejiang University), Prof. Siyuan Yu (Distinguished Professor, Sun Yat-sen University), Prof. Hon Ki Tsang (Interim Dean, Faculty of Engineering), Prof. Jian-Bin Xu (Associate Dean for Research, Faculty of Engineering), Prof. Lian-Kuan Chen (Director, Lightwave Communications Laboratory), etc.  


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Gift to Prof. Songlin Zhuang, Honorary Chairman of Chinese Society for Optical Engineering