Information Engineering

Established in 1989, the Department of Information Engineering was the first and is still the only Information Engineering Department in Hong Kong. It has gained a world-wide reputation for its leading edge research and top quality programmes. Out of its current 27 regular faculty members, 8 are IEEE Fellows and 2 IEE Fellows.

In the past twenty odd years, in addition to educating many undergraduate and postgraduate students, the department has made many significant achievements in research and societal contributions. For example, it helped Hong Kong to make its first connection to the Internet; it helped set up a large education network for schools to use; and IE professors led (co-PI and PI) the only two Area-of-Excellence projects for engineering in Hong Kong, the largest kinds of research projects funded by Hong Kong government.

The Mission of the Information Engineering Department is:
To Nurture and Educate Engineering Leaders for the Information World of Today and Tomorrow.

The Department of Information Engineering at CUHK focuses on areas related to generation, communication, storage, and processing of information as may be encountered in many real world applications. It contains areas that are traditionally linked to computer science like databases, machine learning, big data, cyber security, software engineering, computer networks, mobile and cloud computing, as well as areas that are more traditionally linked to communications aspect of electrical engineering such as wireless communications, Internet engineering, multimedia processing, the mathematical aspects of communications, optical communication, etc. Recognizing the importance of information networks in this information age, our undergraduate programmes seek to produce the next generation of engineering professionals well versed in the areas of interest in the department. Some of our top students also regularly go to the best graduate programmes in the world to continue higher studies. The graduates normally have excellent career prospects both in software as well as hardware systems, in addition to expertise in upcoming areas such as big data, machine learning, and cyber security. We have a world class faculty whose research sits in the intersection of EE and CS. The areas of EE and CS, in CUHK, are ranked 20th and 22nd respectively worldwide by QS university rankings.