Innovation and Technology Fund Received by Engineering Faculty Members in 2017
Principal InvestigatorProject Title Amount (HK$)
Prof. CHEN Shih-ChiTrial: Ultrafast Two-photon 3D Microscope1,993,697
Prof. CHEN Shih-ChiDeep Learning for Next-generation Precision Machine Tools and Manufacturing3,564,350
Prof. CHEN Shih-ChiAdvanced Vision and Sensing System for Next-generation Medical Robots4,477,000
Prof. CHEN Shih-ChiHigh Throughput Organ Tissue Microarray Imaging System1,382,300
Prof. GUO PingVibration Cutting for Structural Coloration of Metallic Surfaces1,349,985
Prof. HENG Pheng AnnTrial: Development of a Virtual Environment for Training Percutaneous Renal Access2,486,300
Prof. LAM WaiIntelligent Email Agent for Apparel Trading Using Natural Language Processing760,778.8
Prof. LI XiangVision-Based Robot Systems for Automatic Soldering of Flexible PCBs and USB Wires1,228,200
Prof. LUI Chi Shing, JohnA Privacy Leakage Detection and Management Platform for Internet-of-Things (IoTs) Systems1,396,000
Prof. TSANG Hon KiIntegrated Spectrometer for Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography1,506,000
Prof. WONG Tien TsinAn Extendable Platform of Visual Sharing for the Colorblind1,400,000
Prof. WONG Wing ShingIntegrated Networked Control for Massively Many IoT Devices3,047,000
Prof. XU JianbinHigh Brightness Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Perovskites Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Size Confinement Effect1,400,000
Prof. ZHANG LiDevelopment of RefluxChip - A Miniature Battery-free Remote Sensing System for Real-Time Monitoring of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease2,511,000
Prof. ZHAO NiDevelopment of a Handheld High-Resolution Short-wave Infrared Spectrometer1,284,550
Prof. ZHOU RenjieHigh-speed Optical Precision Profilometer for Nanostructured Thin-film Metrology1,391,500
Guangdong - Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme  
Prof. BIAN LimingThe Development of Supramolecular Gelatin Hydrogels for the Co-delivery of Chondrogenic Drugs and hSF-MSCs for Articular Cartilage Repair1,379,000
Prof. LI XiangEnabling Technologies for Indoor Renovation Robots1,796,300
General Support Programme  
Prof. WONG Kam FaiInnovation and Technology Student Club 2017540,960
Prof. WONG Kam FaiRobotics, STEM and Green Innovation2,917,228
University-Industry Collaboration Programme  
Prof. LI XiangDevelopment of a Sanding Robot for Wooden and Coated Surfaces387,109