Innovation and Technology Fund Received by Engineering Faculty Members in 2018
Innovation and Technology Support Programme  
Principal InvestigatorProject Title Amount (HK$)
Prof. AU Kwok Wai, SamuelDevelopment of a Compact, Dexterous Flexible Telerobotic Manipulator for Confined Space Minimally Invasive Surgery4,550,000
Prof. CHAN Yuen-yan, RosannaTrial: Semantic Image-based Cloud Augmentative and Alternative Communication659,640
Prof. CHENG JamesReal-time Machine Learning Platform for Digital Advertisement Bidding1,398,860
Prof. HO Ho-pui, AaronPlasmonic "Biosensor-in-a-Needle" - An Intravenous Catheter Platform for in vivo Enrichment and Detection of Biomarkers and Circulating Tumor Cells in Peripheral Blood1,397,250
Prof. LU Yi-chunDevelopment of a High-energy-density Flow Battery for Fast-refueling in Electric Vehicles (Evs)1,394,950
Prof. MENG Qing-hu, MaxAn Intelligent Robotic System for Autonomous Airport Passenger Trolley Deployment6,757,124
Prof. TONG Kai-yu, RaymondSoft Robotics for Upper-limb Rehabilitation4,499,950
Prof. YAM YeungDevelopment of Robotic Endoscopic Platform with Semi-autonomous Capability in Tissue Resection and Repair4,382,650
Prof. ZHOU RenjieDevelopment of Portable Optical Precision Profilometer for Chip-level Metrology Applications2,240,000
Prof. ZI YunlongHigh-performance Triboelectric Nanogenerators for Vibration Energy Harvesting1,382,496
General Support Programme  
Prof. Wong Kam Fai Innovation and Technology Student Club 2018-201,363,429
Midstream Research Programme for Universities  
Prof. MENG Qing-hu, MaxDevelopment of A Robotic Rollator-Orthosis System for Mobility Augmentation and Eldercare3,509,234
Prof. ZHANG LiDevelopment of a Magnetically Enhanced TPA Accumulation (META) System to Enhance Endovascular Treatment for Elderly Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke5,399,549
University-Industry Collaboration Programme  
Prof. LAU Tat Ming, DarwinHybrid Cable-Driven Serial Robot for Exterior Facade Window Cleaning and Wall Painting2,547,197