Innovation and Technology Fund Received by Engineering Faculty Members in 2019 and 2020
Innovation and Technology Support Programme  
Principal InvestigatorProject Title Amount (HK$)
Prof. CHEN Shih-chiUltrafast 3-D Nano-structuring of Functional Materials based on Femotosecond Light Sheets4,500,000
Prof. CHENG Shing ShinAn MRI-compatible Robotic Cannula for Intracerebral Hemorrhage Evacuation1,373,445
Prof. LAU Tat-ming, DarwinBORE Robot System for Automated Deep Underground Large Diameter Bored Pile Operations for Improved Building Foundation Works3,638,600
Prof. LAU Wing CheongAnomaly Detection and Data Analytics for Mobile Payment Activities via Scalable Graph Representation Learning1,399,168
Prof. LIU Xunying AndrewDevelopment of a Bilingual Speech Recognition System for the Elderly and Disabled Population with Speech Disorders1,398,400
Prof. LU Yi-chunA Safe, Scalable and Low-cost Energy Storage System for Smart City and Micro-grid Applications3,600,000
Prof. REN WeiDevelopment of A Battery-powered Handheld Formaldehyde Sensor for Ultrasensitive Indoor Air Monitoring1,237,400
Prof. TONG Kai-yu, RaymondOnline AR Training Platform for the Elderly and Persons with Chronic Diseases at Home1,998,700
Prof. WONG Kam FaiTrial: A Customized Social Response Analysis System1,794,000
Prof. WONG Kam FaiRobotics, STEM and Green Innovation (Phase 2)3,440,846
Prof. XING GuoliangReal-time Fog Computing Technologies for Next Generation Smart Lampposts3,299,609
Guangdong - Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme  
Prof. HENG Pheng-annResearch on Automatic Diagnosis and Therapeutic Evaluation of Retinopathy of Prematurity based on Deep Attention Network and Longitudinal Learning2,644,770
Prof. XING GuoliangAn Integrated Cloud-Edge-Device Computing System for Performance-Critical Industrial Application2,681,514