Research Grants


RGC General Research Fund and Early Career Scheme 2020/21 received by Engineering Faculty Members
Principal InvestigatorProject TitleAmount (HK$)
Prof. AHN DohyunMultivariate Stress Testing of Financial Networks for Systemic Risk Management529,972
Prof. AU Samuel Kwok-waiSafe and effective robotic debridement and drilling with adjustable force sensing anchoring system and hierarchical virtual fixture control for confined space bone work873,995
Prof. GAO ZhaoliRapid and Sensitive Detection of Tumor-Derived Exosomal MicroRNAs Using Gapped Bilayer Graphene Field-Effect Biosensors776,432
Prof. BIAN LimingEngineering the biomimetic structural and mechanical heterogeneity of cell-adaptable nanocomposite hydrogels for biomedical applications1,185,400
Prof. BOGDANOV AndrejPseudorandomness and Property Testing for Real Computation677,226
Prof. YUAN WuDeep learning-assisted theranostic OCT microneedle for deep-seated brain cancer detection and laser ablation in vivo726,432
Prof. CHAN Calvin Chun-kitDigital Chaotic Encryption Schemes for Secure Optical Multi-carrier Systems501,957
Prof. CHEN BenmeiIntelligent Navigation and Robust Flight Control Systems for Unmanned Systems873,995
Prof. CHEN ChunEnhancing the performance of electrospun nanofiber filters by structure optimization and their application in buildings for effective indoor PM2.5 control873,995
Prof. CHEN HeEnabling Ultrareliable Low-latency Wireless Communications for Industrial IoT: A Noncoherent Multiuser Massive MIMO Framework845,055
Prof. CHEN Lian-kuanOn the Investigation and Optimization of Underwater and Air-water Optical Wireless Communication to Combat Bubble and Wave Effects704,212
Prof. WANG Charlie C. L.Computing Tool-Paths for Strengthening Parts Fabricated by Filament-Based Multi-Axis 3D Printing731,089
Prof. CHEN NanProbability density expansion of multivariate jump-diffusion processes and its applications in finance873,995
Prof. CHEN Shih-chiHigh throughput nano-patterning based on temporal focusing and laser induced periodic surface structuring614,675
Prof. CHENG Michael Kwok-KeungSelf- Linearizing Techniques for Advanced Design of High-Efficiency Doherty Microwave Power Amplifier602,349
Prof. CHOI Jonathan Chung-hangSystemic delivery of microRNA for reducing atherosclerosis via RNA-coated nanoparticles666,512
Prof. FU Chi-WingLearn to compute fabricable, steady, and functional 3D object assemblies845,055
Prof. GAO XuefengMulti-Armed Bandit Problems with Regime-Switching Rewards775,200
Prof. GAO ZhaoliRapid and Sensitive Detection of Tumor-Derived Exosomal MicroRNAs Using Gapped Bilayer Graphene Field-Effect Biosensors776,432
Prof. HE XuedongStudy of Two Time-Inconsistent Asset Pricing Problems614,675
Prof. HENG Pheng-AnnLearning for visions with adverse weather and illumination via unlabeled data845,055
Prof. HO Aaron Ho-pui2-dimensional Label-free Biosensor Arrays based on Digital Micromirror Device (DMD)-enabled Quantitative Phase-imaging of Surface Plasmon Resonance602,349
Prof. HO Yi PingAll-Optical Manipulation of Droplet Microfluidics Enabled by Fluorinated Gold Nanoparticles873,995
Prof. HUANG JieAdaptive distributed observer for uncertain leader systems and its applications873,995
Prof. LAM WaiKnowledge-Guided Text Response Generation for Information-Seeking User Utterances from Heterogeneous Information Sources602,349
Prof. LEE TanObjective assessment of physical competence and wellness based on voice and speech analytics602,349
Prof. LEUNG Ho-fungFormal Modelling of the Dynamics of Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning: a Mean Field Theoretic Approach704,212
Prof. LI LingfeiData-Driven Deep Learning Methods for Financial Engineering701,160
Prof. LIU XunyingDeep Learning Architectures for Automatic Recognition of Dysarthric Speech 845,055
Prof. LIU Yun-huiControl of a Robot Manipulator on a Floating Base Hung from Top of a High-rise Building by Ropes873,995
Prof. LU Yi-ChunDeveloping Low-Cost, Eco-Friendly and High-Voltage Aqueous Electrolytes for High-Energy and Sustainable Aqueous Batteries Applications666,512
Prof. LUI John C.S.Reinforcement Learning Approach to Community Exploration in Network Science Problems: Theory and applications602,349
Prof. LYU Michael Rung-tsongLog-based Anomaly Detection and Fault Localization in Cloud Computing602,349
Prof. MENG Max Qing-HuDevelopment of a State-of-the-art Augmented-reality Surgical Navigation System for Minimally Invasive Surgery1,174,506
Prof. NAIR ChandraSub-additivity of Information-theoretic Functionals599,861
Prof. REN WeiA novel optical gas sensor with all-fiber dual-comb spectroscopy614,675
Prof. SHU Chester Ching-tatOptimum design of probabilistic shaping under the practical constraints of advanced optical transmission systems1,057,394
Prof. SO Man-choDesign and Analysis of First-Order Methods for Wasserstein Distributionally Robust Risk Minimization in Machine Learning614,675
Prof. TAO YufeiMassively Parallel Multiway Join Algorithms: From Theory to Practice845,055
Prof. TSANG Hon-kiMultimode Waveguide Grating Couplers845,055
Prof. WAI Hoi ToMultiple Structure Factor Analysis with Applications to Multi-Graph Learning776,432
Prof. WANG Charlie C. L.Computational Optimization of Soft Robots by Projection-Based Physical Simulation602,349 
Prof. WU Ke-liReconfiguration of Filter Circuit Model for Computer-Aided Tuning of Microwave Filters Based on Homotopy Continuation563,370
Prof. XING GuoliangHomeSense: A Pervasive System for Home Activity Recognition via Federated Learning845,055
Prof. XU HuifuMulti-attribute Utility Preference Robust Optimization and Robust Spectral Risk Optimization1,155,000
Prof. XU QiangTowards Lightweight Fault-Tolerance for Deep Neural Networks Used in Safety-Critical Systems845,055
Prof. XU YunjianStochastic deadline scheduling for large-scale electric vehicle charging with renewable generation and energy storage873,995
Prof. YANG Ming-ChangQuality of Storage: Co-optimizing Performance Throughput and I/O Determinism for Multi-Tenant System with High-Density Solid-State Drive845,055
Prof. YIP Kevin Yuk-LapInvestigating the functional significance of three-dimensional structures of topologically associating domains1,195,542
Prof. YOUNG Evangeline F.Y.Physical Synthesis of Large Structural Networks on Multiple FPGAs845,055
Prof. YU BeiNetGCN: Large Scale Graph Convolutional Network on Circuit Netlists1,057,394
Prof. YU Jeffrey XuIncremental Graph Computing1,057,394
Prof. YUAN HaidongControl-enhanced quantum hypothesis testing599,861
Prof. YUAN WuDeep learning-assisted theranostic OCT microneedle for deep-seated brain cancer detection and laser ablation in vivo726,432
Prof. ZHANG Angela YingjunCascaded Channel Estimation in Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS)-Assisted Massive MIMO System736,896
Prof. ZHANG KehuanOn the Security of Hidden Functionalities in the Context of IoT and Mobile Computing680,908
Prof. ZHAO ChanghongOptimizing Multiphase Power Flow via Exact Convex Relaxation and Distributed Feedback Design783,196
Prof. ZHAO NiFundamental Study and System Development of Organic Heterojunction Phototransistors for Functional Near-infrared Spectroscopy845,055
Prof. ZI YunlongMulti-Scale Studies of the In-Situ Discharge Behaviors in Triboelectric Nanogenerators839,640
Innovation and Technology Fund Received by Engineering Faculty Members in 2018
Innovation and Technology Support Programme  
Principal InvestigatorProject Title Amount (HK$)
Prof. AU Kwok Wai, SamuelDevelopment of a Compact, Dexterous Flexible Telerobotic Manipulator for Confined Space Minimally Invasive Surgery4,550,000
Prof. CHAN Yuen-yan, RosannaTrial: Semantic Image-based Cloud Augmentative and Alternative Communication659,640
Prof. CHENG JamesReal-time Machine Learning Platform for Digital Advertisement Bidding1,398,860
Prof. HO Ho-pui, AaronPlasmonic "Biosensor-in-a-Needle" - An Intravenous Catheter Platform for in vivo Enrichment and Detection of Biomarkers and Circulating Tumor Cells in Peripheral Blood1,397,250
Prof. LU Yi-chunDevelopment of a High-energy-density Flow Battery for Fast-refueling in Electric Vehicles (Evs)1,394,950
Prof. MENG Qing-hu, MaxAn Intelligent Robotic System for Autonomous Airport Passenger Trolley Deployment6,757,124
Prof. TONG Kai-yu, RaymondSoft Robotics for Upper-limb Rehabilitation4,499,950
Prof. YAM YeungDevelopment of Robotic Endoscopic Platform with Semi-autonomous Capability in Tissue Resection and Repair4,382,650
Prof. ZHOU RenjieDevelopment of Portable Optical Precision Profilometer for Chip-level Metrology Applications2,240,000
Prof. ZI YunlongHigh-performance Triboelectric Nanogenerators for Vibration Energy Harvesting1,382,496
General Support Programme  
Prof. Wong Kam Fai Innovation and Technology Student Club 2018-201,363,429
Midstream Research Programme for Universities  
Prof. MENG Qing-hu, MaxDevelopment of A Robotic Rollator-Orthosis System for Mobility Augmentation and Eldercare3,509,234
Prof. ZHANG LiDevelopment of a Magnetically Enhanced TPA Accumulation (META) System to Enhance Endovascular Treatment for Elderly Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke5,399,549
University-Industry Collaboration Programme  
Prof. LAU Tat Ming, Darwin Hybrid Cable-Driven Serial Robot for Exterior Facade Window Cleaning and Wall Painting2,547,197