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Faculty of Engineering 25th Anniversary Celebration

Since 1991, Professor Sir Charles K. Kao founded the Faculty of Engineering in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. To commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Faculty this year, we are staging a series of celebratory activities to share the joy with our students, alumn and friends.

Celebration Events


  • Faculty 25th Anniversary Celebration Day, 8 October 2016

    12:30 pmAchievement Exhibition 5/F, Podium, Ho Sin Hang Engineering Building
    2:15 pmLab Tour5/F, Podium, Ho Sin Hang Engineering Building
    4:00 pmAlumni Fundraising Walkathon (2 hours)5/F, Podium, Ho Sin Hang Engineering Building (Assemble Point)
    7:00 pmFaculty Alumni Association Celebration Banquet
    (registration closed on 30 September 2016)
    Dress code: smart casual
    Ho Sin Hang Hall (Dining Hall), S.H. Ho College

    The celebration day will embark on the Engineering Achievement Exhibition where you can find out some of our featured technology breakthroughs and innovations at the Podium, 5/F, Ho Sin Hang Engineering Building (SHB).  Our alumni and students will lead a lab tour that allows you to go more in depth about each project demonstration by specific departments.  Tour lasts about 1 hour and ends half hour before the Alumni Fundraising Walkathon begins. 

    The Walkathon is a fundraising initiative of the Engineering Faculty Alumni Association (ERGAA) to set up scholarships for students. Please do come and mobilize your friends and relatives to discover more in this scenic campus.   (Route: Ho Sin Hang Engineering Building > New Asia College> Woo Sing College > C. W. Chu College > S.H. Ho College)

    The finale of our 25th anniversary is the Faculty Alumni Association Celebration Banquet.      It will be a great reunion for each and every one of you, not just reconnection with old friends, but also connection to new faces.  And the lucky draw grand prize is a i-watch.  Seats are limited, please act fast to secure your own table.
  • Transportation

    Shuttle bus services 
    (every 10 minutes)
    12:30 pm – 4:30 pmUniversity MTRG/F, Ho Sin Hang Engineering Building
    6:00 pm – 7:30 pmUniversity MTRSH Ho College
    9:00 pm – 10:30 pmSH Ho CollegeUniversity MTR

Achievement Exhibition (12:30 pm – 2:00 pm)
Venue: Podium, Ho Sin Hang Engineering Building

 Engineering Projects
 1.   Virtual Environment for Training Percutaneous Renal Access
 2.   An Emulation Platform for Fault Injection Attack
 3.   Open-source Cloud-based SDK Framework for Location-based Services
 4.   CodFS: An Erasure-Coded Clustered File System with Efficient Updates and Fast Recovery
 5.   3-D Model Based Head Tracking using RGB-Depth Camera
 6.   A large-scale wireless sensing network for a smart drainage system
 7.   Intelligent Exoskeleton Robot Leg for Gait Training of Stroke Patients
 8.   Home-based Smart Rehabilitation Training Platform for Elderly and Disabled People
 9.   Indoor White Space Communication System
 10. AuthPaper: Protecting Paper-based Documents and Credentials Offline Using Authenticated 2D Barcodes
 11. Human Attribute Recognition by Deep Convolutional Network
 12. Temporal Segment Networks for Human Action Recognition
 13. Mobile Microvortex Tweezers: Noninvasive, Low-cost Tools for Cell Manipulation and Nanomedicine
 14. A Flexure-based High-throughput Roll-to-roll Printing System
 15. Integrated Thermal Energy Harvesting and Storage for Autonomous Wireless Sensor Network
 16. Powered Ankle-Foot Prosthesis
 17. Real-time Voice Conversion
 18. Disruption Management for Public Transport – Real-time Integrated Vehicle and Crew Scheduling
 19. Jump Models for Option Pricing in Financial Engineering
 20. Resource Management through Video Analytic



Lab Tour (2:00 pm – 3:45 pm)

 Engineering Labs
 1. Virtual Reality Visualization and Imaging Research Centre
 2. Student Project Laboratory
 3. Radio-frequency Radiation Research Laboratory
 4. Multimedia Lab
 5. The CUHK T Stone Robotics Institute
 6. Intelligent Control Systems Laboratory
 7. Financial Engineering Laboratory