Data Analytics and Informatics

Applicable to students admitted in 2023-24

Minor Programme Requirement
Students are required to complete a minimum of 18 units of courses, with at least 6 units at 3000 or above level, as follows:
1.Required Courses[a]:6
(a) i) ENGG2760/ESTR2018[b], ENGG2780/ESTR2020[b]
     ii) IERG2470/ESTR2308[b]
(b) SEEM2460/ESTR2540[b]
2.Elective Courses:12

Choose 12 units of courses of at least 3 subject areas from the following:
BMEG3102, 3120, 3130, CSCI3170, 3220, 3320, CSCI4180/ESTR4106[b], CSCI4190,
ELEG4501/ ESTR4212[b],  IERG3280/ESTR3302[b], IERG3320/ ESTR3306[b], IERG4080/
ESTR4312[b], IERG4160, 4230, IERG4300/ESTR4300[b],  IERG4330/ESTR4316[b], MAEG4010/
ESTR4408[b], SEEM4630, 4670, SEEM4680/ESTR4504[b], SEEM4720/ESTR4506[b]


Explanatory Notes:
1.This Minor Programme is not applicable to students who major in Artificial Intelligence: Systems and Technologies.
[a]Non-engineering students who wish to use other courses to substitute the required courses will have to seek approval from the Programme Director.
[b]ESTR courses are developed based on ordinary engineering courses with additional course materials and challenging assessments.  The courses are only applicable to students of the ELITE stream, who can choose a combination of the ESTR courses or the equivalent courses listed in the curriculum to fulfill the minor programme requirements.


Course List
Course CodeCourse TitleUnit(s)
BMEG3120Database and Security for Biomedical Engineering3
BMEG3130Tele-medicine and Mobile Healthcare3
CSCI3170Introduction to Database Systems3
CSCI3220Algorithms for Bioinformatics3
CSCI3320Fundamentals of Machine Learning3
CSCI4180Introduction to Cloud Computing and Storage3
CSCI4190Introduction to Social Networks3
ELEG4501Digital Signal Processing and Applications2
ENGG2760Probability for Engineers2
ENGG2780Statistics for Engineers2
ESTR2018Probability for Engineers2
ESTR2020Statistics for Engineers2
ESTR2308Probability Models and Applications3
ESTE2540Introduction to Data Science3
ESTE3302Networks: Technology, Economics, and Social Interactions3
ESTR3306Social Media and Human Information Interaction3
ESTR4106Introduction to Cloud Computing and Storage3
ESTE4212Digital Signal Processing and Applications2
ESTR4300Web-scale Information Analytics3
ESTR4312Building Scalable Internet-based Services3
ESTR4316Programming Big Data Systems3
ESTR4408Computer-integrated Manufacturing3
ESTR4504Technology, Consulting and Analytics in Practice3
ESTR4506Computational Finance3
IERG2470Probability Models and Applications3
IERG3280Networks: Technology, Economics, and Social Interactions3
IERG3320Social Media and Human Information Interaction3
IERG4080Building Scalable Internet-based Services3
IERG4160Image and Video Processing3
IERG4230Introduction to Internet of Things3
IERG4300Web-scale Information Analytics3
IERG4330Programming Big Data Systems3
MAEG4010Computer-integrated Manufacturing3
SEEM2460Introduction to Data Science3
SEEM4630E-Commerce Data Mining3
SEEM4670Service Systems3
SEEM4680Technology, Consulting and Analytics in Practice3
SEEM4720Computational Finance3