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For non-ELITE students who intend to take ESTR courses

Starting from academic year 2016-17, non-ELITE students will be allowed to take ESTR courses and the course registration approval shall be at the discretion of the course teacher on the condition that:

  1. Non-ELITE students intend to take ESTR courses should hold a CGPA of 3.3 or above, and
  2. A maximum quota of 5 for non-ELITE students to enroll in ESTR courses, and
  3. The ESTR courses will be offered only if there is at least one ELITE student registered for the ESTR course, and
  4. The non-ELITE students shall follow the standard add/drop policies and schedule for ESTR courses, i.e. the extended late drop to week 9 shall NOT apply to any non-ELITE students who register for ESTR courses, and
  5. For non-ELITE students who wish to use the ESTR courses taken to fulfill their major graduation requirements shall apply to the major Department for approval, and
  6. For non-ELITE students who wish to use the ESTR courses taken to fulfill the ELITE Stream requirements must fulfill all the ELITE Stream regulations, including but not limited to, Stream course requirements, the CGPA requirement, ESTR courses GPA requirement, the Stream declaration policies, etc.