Media Coverage

  • 未符3322 STEM科3星 中大理學工程特別考慮

    Media: Ming Pao Daily News
  • STEM摘三星 可爭中大入場券

    Media: Oriental Daily News
  • 中大兩學院微調收生 至少三科STEM「三星」 首度突破 「3322」門檻

    Media: Sing Tao Daily
  • Swarms Of Tiny Magnetic Nanobots Could Be Used To Treat Blood Clots In The Near Future

    Media: Tech Times
    In the future, nanobots will save lives. Scientists from Hong Kong have made a breakthrough in controlling swarms of minuscule robots to treat blood clots. A team of scientists has designed and implemented a strategy using oscillating magnetic fields to "reconfigure paramagnetic nanoparticles into ribbon-like swarms."
  • Nanoparticle Swarms to Deliver Medical Therapies Across Body

    Media: Medgadget
    Scientists at the Chinese University of Hong Kong have developed a way to get nanoparticles to group and move as swarms, similar to how hundreds of bees and birds can fly together. The technology may have implications for medicine, helping to guide nanoparticles toward certain organs or sites of cancer.
  • Magnetic Nanobots Are the Future of Healthcare

    Researchers developed a new way to manage the collective movement of nanorobots. (No, not through mind control—though how awesome would that be?) A team from the Chinese University of Hong Kong applied swarm behaviors to small-scale bots, allowing “controlled morphological changes and splitting.”
  • Hong Kong scientists develop new 'nano-swarm' robots

    Media: CNN
    Led by Associate Professor Li Zhang, a team of scientists from the Chinese University of Hong Kong designed and implemented a strategy of using oscillating magnetic fields to create highly reconfigurable ribbon-like swarms of nano-robots, millions of magnetic nanoparticles each less than one micron wide, or one-fifth the length of a red blood cell.
  • Smart logistics solution for e-commerce merchants and couriers

    Media: ejinsight
    A team of tech entrepreneurs has developed a smart solution for the traditional logistics business. Graduates of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and a master’s degree in computer science and engineering, Chan and Cheung have accumulated years of IT experience before embarking on their entrepreneurial journey in 2017.
  • Shape-Changing Swarming Nanorobots Developed To Aid Complex Medical Surgeries

    Media: International Business Times
    In a bid to aid medical surgeries, a group of researchers hailing from China have developed unique nanorobots, minute machines that could go inside the human body and perform complex tasks to help with an ongoing procedure.
  • 變形納米機械人 入血管治中風

    Media: Apple Daily